• There are actually a lot of people who own AWD Cars today especially those who live outside the city. Most people who live in large urbanized cities usually just have the typical 2-wheel drive vehicles since it does the job of transporting them from one place to the other. But 4-wheel drive cars are actually popular to those people who drive in unconventional terrains and challenging roads.

    A vehicle that is labeled as all- wheel drive means that instead of just having control of two wheels, all 4 of the wheels can be manipulated. There is usually an indication at the back of the car that says 4x4. There are different advantages of using an all- wheel drive car. The most notable and important advantage that these vehicles can give is an improved traction. With the control of all the wheels, the vehicle’s traction is instantly multiplied by 4. This is very important especially when driving in slippery roads and rough terrains.

    When a 2 - wheel drive car gets stuck in a muddy trench, it is usually difficult to get out of that situation especially if the wheels that are stuck are the wheels that are connected to the motor. Since the other two wheels are uncontrollable, they really do not afford any help. If a 4- wheel drive is used, the control can easily be switched to the wheels that are not stuck to propel the vehicle forward. AWD cars can be driven in muddy or frozen surfaces in whatever type of terrain it may be.

    This makes performance an advantage too. Since the drivers of all- wheel drive vehicles have more control over the vehicle, the car will definitely perform well. Actually, sports cars use this type of mechanism in order to accelerate faster in just a few seconds. All- Wheel drive cars also have improved steering because of the added traction. So turning from side to side will not be a problem.

    Because all of the wheels are now connected to the mechanism of the car instead of just two, AWD cars actually have a more distributed weight over 2- wheel drive vehicles. All vehicles definitely improve in terms of performance and control if the weight is spread out evenly. Since the engine is in the front and the rear controls are near the back, the weight of the engine is being equalized by the 4- wheel drive mechanism. The vehicle can be handled easily and it can reduce the stress that the vehicle can get due to the weight in the front. Also, because of all of these added benefits, all- wheel drive vehicles can certainly be used in off- road tracks. These cars work best on uneven terrains. During the winter season, an all- wheel drive car can be very useful to the family. Driving through shallow rivers and creeks will also not be a problem. Families can bring these cars out to camping trips.

    It is true that not all vehicles were manufactured equally, especially when talking about driving in rough conditions. With the help of AWD cars, drivers will have control not only in the front or the back wheels but on all of the wheels. Each of the wheels can be controlled in terms of speed and rotation. But since the function in these vehicles is increased, the fuel consumption of all- wheel drive cars is also increased. These cars are also much more expensive than the 2- wheel drive vehicles in the market today. Repairs may also cost more. Because of the added control, many drivers may be tempted to drive in extreme conditions without caution.