• It a known fact that all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles possess great advantage compared to the other vehicles especially during winter driving. It has a car system that allows all the four wheels to receive power from the car’s engine, using a device allowing every wheel to run at varied speed. AWD cars are the sensible choice for people who usually encounter mushy driveways and slick roads. The AWD cars list will provide you with several options on which brand of car you will choose.

    These cars are excellent not only in rough terrains and slippery roads but also in winter driving.

    *Include Subaru Outback in your AWD cars list if you want one that can endure the winter conditions. This car is designed to combat the winter conditions wherein driving is extremely difficult. It looks more like a wagon however the ground traction is increased to handle better the snowy condition.

    * Toyota Sienna AWD is a minivan that is ideal for winter driving. Most people don’t consider owning a minivan since they don’t think it is safe for winter driving. However, a lot of improvement was made to this minivan which accommodates 7 passengers.

    * Volvo s60 is an ideal inclusion in your list. This sedan features an option referred to as Advanced Stability Control which helps in keeping the four tires grip well on snowy roadways. There are several choices available wherein you can come up with a luxurious and stylish looking sedan.

    * The Ford Taurus is not only high performance vehicle but is also a pure beauty. It has 3.5 V6 engine and gained a trademark of being an Eco-Boost with Sport Tuned Suspension. This American-made vehicle can be great choice on your AWD cars list and will surely make your travel a comfortable and safe one even in wintry conditions.